Mechanical Repair


With over 45 years of knowledge and experience, we are able to deliver mechanical service of the highest quality.  From Ferraris to pre-war Fords, Packards to Porsches, we have a wealth of experience in the maintenance and repair of vintage cars.



From small rust repair to full-body sheet metal and structural restoration, we are equipped to handle all of your fabrication and metal repair needs.  



Our passion for vintage autos fuels our desire to see these historic machines out where they belong... on the road! Whether you want to get your classic safe for the road or dive into a full nut & bolt restoration, we offer a personalized restoration experience. 

Custom Builds


Perhaps our favorite type of project, our experience with custom builds can take your dream and make it come to life, executed to the highest level.  Let's get started on that sleeper you've always dreamed about!

Vintage Race Prep and Support


Our 45 years in the industry includes more than twenty years involved in vintage racing.  From vintage race car maintenance, race preparation, ground-up construction, and trackside support, we have the skills to make your car safe, reliable, and competitive on the track.  

Rare/Custom Parts


As the owner of any classic car will tell you, finding the parts to keep it on the road can be a major challenge.  We can help! Our years in the industry allows us to draw from a large network of parts sources and specialists. 

If we can't find it, we can usually make it!  If we can't make it, we know the people who can!