About Us


          First and foremost, we’re car guys. If it has wheels and a motor, chances are we'll love it. And while every car guy knows that not every machine built for the road was created equal, we are of the belief that they all hold a special place in history. We have dedicated ourselves to designing, building, repairing, preserving, and – arguably most importantly – enjoying the great historical automobiles of the world. 

         With over 45 years of combined experience working on a wide variety of classic automobiles from the race paddock to the awards podium, we are capable of taking on nearly any automotive project and producing world-class results. Our aim is to provide quality of service to rival the biggest names in automotive restoration, but with the attention to detail and personalization you can only find in a small shop. Whether you are looking for a nut-and-bolt restoration back to factory perfection or a reliable modern conversion of a timeless classic, we look forward to discussing how to make your dream project a reality.

          In addition to complete restorations, we also offer a full range of services for your vintage car. We specialize in mechanical repair, electrical repair, fabrication, metalwork, MIG and TIG welding, classic car maintenance, race preparation, parts manufacturing, and general performance and tuning of vintage automobiles. No job is too large or too small! 


Olle Eriksson, Owner

      Growing up in central Sweden, Olle was a gearhead from day one. Surrounded by twisting forest roads and steeped in the thriving car culture born from booming Swedish industry, Olle was captivated by the automobile. At the age of 14, his passion for internal combustion and his mechanical acumen produced a custom-tuned two-stroke moped capable of blowing the doors off the school bus on his way to class. After excelling at his studies in automotive repair and restoration at university, Olle began his tenure as a high-level mechanic and fabricator for Saab, becoming a factory quality assurance inspector in Trollhättan by the age of 25. While working for Saab, he also participated in amateur rally and rally-cross racing, building and repairing top-level race cars and driving the wheels off of them. 

       In 1988, Olle decided to embark on a new life chapter and settled in Monterey, California. Beginning at Performance Automotive in Sand City, CA, Olle used his talents to create custom cars of the highest quality. He was a true pioneer of the resto-mod movement, landing on the cover of Car and Driver with an over-the-top conversion of a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette. His efforts were noticed by hot rod legend and aficionado Don Orosco, who brought him on as head fabricator at DBO Motor Racing and Monterey Speed and Sport. Working with Don, Olle led the creation of three Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance class-winning hot rods: the radical SoCal Speedster, the legendary Dick Flint Roadster, and the iconic Lloyd Bakan Coupe. 

After over twenty years working for private collections, Olle decided to take his knowledge and passion to the next level by opening Eriksson Enterprises in March of 2016.  Located in beautiful Del Rey Oaks and just a short drive from Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca, Pebble Beach, and the legendary Big Sur coastline, Eriksson Enterprises Eriksson Enterprises is perfectly located to serve the thriving classic car community in Central California.